Eugene Eades: Coming back to Country

Eugene Eades is a Goreng – Menang Elder, and since 2006 he has played a pivotal role in creating a powerful healing and cross-cultural gathering place on a former farm, now called Nowanup, to the north-east of the Stirling Range.

Eugene has used his extraordinary leadership skills and dedication to help make Nowanup a beacon of hope. He has led hundreds of camps and welcomed 1000s of people to Nowanup.



Nowanup: Healing land, healing people

Under the extraordinary leadership and dedication of Elder Eugene Eades, Nowanup has become a beacon of hope, a force for cross-cultural sharing and a powerful healing place. Here’s a taste of the wonders of Nowanup – the bush coming back, the people coming back.

A Gondwana Link film produced in 2020 for the Wild Life Gallery at WA Museum Boola Bardip.

Nowanup: Healing country, healing people

This case study from the WA Landcare Network tells the story of the collaboration between the Noongar community and environmental groups that has resulted in Nowanup, a genuinely special place where country is being restored to health and people are coming back to the land.

First published July 2020.

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Giving back to country: Chingarrup Sanctuary

From Green Skills, this film highlights the wonderful ecological restoration and citizen science work at Chingarrup Sanctuary – a 576 hectare bush property near Boxwood Hill.  Conservation landholders Eddy and Donna Wajon have overseen the restoration of 80 ha of cleared land to quality wildlife habitat on the property.

Produced in 2016. Duration 9:16

Healing country on the Gondwana Link

From Greening Australia a short film in which Elder Eugene Eades talks us through the restoration of habitat and the return of wildlife on the Nowanup property, north east of the Stirling Range.  

Produced in 2020. Duration 2:45