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Gondwana Link invites you on a journey through some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on earth: from tall forests, slender-stemmed mallee and wildflower-rich heath to the world’s largest temperate woodland.

Heartland Journeys can help connect you to part of the world’s oldest continuous culture and deepen your understanding and experience of these living landscapes.

Explore their intricacies and richness: tiny honey possums as pollinators; malleefowl that incubate their eggs in nesting mounds of compost; an incredible variety of plants; and inspiring community successes in restoring ecological health.

Feature story

Averil Dean in photo with her Noongar brothers, sisters and cousins heading to school in Tambellup. All standing in front of school bus.

Yarning about fire

Noongar Elders Aden Eades and Elizabeth Woods, and PhD student Ursula Rodrigues, are part of a team working on a cultural burning collaboration on Country between the Fitzgerald River and the Stirling Range (Koi Kyeunu-ruff) national parks.

As part of this project, they have been yarning about fire, its impacts on Country and its role in culture, as well as conducting Elder-led burns to revitalise Goreng Noongar fire knowledge and stewardship. Their story is a joyful portrayal of Noongar and wadjella people working, laughing and learning together as they undertake an important fire management study.

Read the full story here.

Headshot of Ezzard Flowers, Goreng Elder
Headshot of Sylvia Leighton amongst paperbarks
Headshot of Pierre Horwitz

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