Carol Pettersen
Eugene Eades - 
Noongar Leader

Carol Pettersen

Menang-Ngadju Elder

“The essential thing is the land, the Boodja. Because on the Boodja we’ve got our storylines, we’ve got the hills, we’ve got the rivers, we’ve got the flora, we’ve got the fauna. We teach about the totemic system, which is our religious belief. We then talk about the storylines with the hills, the creation of the landscape. 

I’m still a living memory of at least 200 years. So there’s me, my mother, my grandfather, and his mother. So, four generations of living memory, because we’re still handing these stories down, and then there’s my children and I’ve got great grandchildren. So there’s six, seven generations of living memories and living narrative of these stories that carry through.”