Cranbrook Conservation Trail
  • Clock icon Approximately 4 hours
  • Unsealed Roads Icon Some unsealed roads
  • Bitumen Roads Icon Some bitumen roads
  • Bitumen Roads Icon Cafe / Shop on journey
  • Start Location Icon Start: Sukey Hill lookout

Cranbrook Conservation Trail

Starting at Binjellup (Sukey Hill) with a view over the western edge of Koi-Kyeunu-ruff (the Stirling Range) the Cranbrook Conservation Trail takes you west through a range of landscapes, highlighting the distinct ecological changes as you travel from east to west.

The first stop is the Cranbrook Wildflower Walk where in spring you will be rewarded with a range of wildflowers and flowering orchids over the 1.7km walk.

Enjoy the high value remnant vegetation along the roadsides on the drive to Twonkup, an important Noongar cultural and heritage site amongst a small reserve of wandoo woodland.

There is a beautiful stand of mature wandoo woodland at Warrenup Reserve and Kenny’s Tank, a small wetland and historic well.