Chingarrup Creek Crossing
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Fitz-Stirling Drive


Just 6km along the Boxwood Hill-Ongerup Rd you will cross Chingarrup Creek. This is a tributary of the much larger Corackerup creek system, the next major creek crossing to the north.

All the brooks and creeks in this area are tributaries of the Pallinup River, the largest river system on the South Coast. Known for a long time as the Salt River, the Pallinup has probably been saline for a long time, yet there is evidence that salinity levels have been rising in many creek and river systems through here since the original clearing for agriculture.

Story of the place

Remnants of vast waterways

The road dips down into a broad valley that is disproportionately sized when compared to the small creek at the bottom. In fact, when you drive across the creek, it is likely to appear as a collection of small pools. The way creeks are so deeply incised into the landscape is a reminder of how vast the waterways once were, and how much this ancient landscape has been shaped by water, very old water.

Image: Nicole Hodgson 
Image: Nicole Hodgson 

Unlike geologically young places, like Europe and North America, where glaciers and volcanic activity has created fresh young soils, here in south-western Australia, the land has been relatively undisturbed for millions of years, with only slow and steady erosion from wind and water shaping the topography and leaching nutrients out of the soils over millennia.

Aquatic ecosystems

With an annual rainfall of about 400mm – and declining – water is precious in the Fitz-Stirling. These small creeks are important natural corridors for the movement of animals and contain distinctive communities of plants and animals not found elsewhere in the landscape.

With such low rainfall, the water flow through the creeks is generally low or nothing at all, and so the numerous permanent river pools are critical refuges for fish, invertebrates and aquatic plants. A nearby pool on the Chingarrup creek was monitored in 2016 and 15 macroinvertebrate species were discovered.

See & Do

Roadside stop

If traffic is light, it may be possible to pull off on the side of the road close to the creek crossing, to explore the creek on foot.

Giving back and getting involved

Gondwana Link plays a key coordination role in the ecological restoration work in the Fitz-Stirling area. 

Gondwana Link

Practical Information


This is a remote area and there are limited facilities available. There is a roadhouse at the Boxwood Hill intersection.

Where to eat and stay

See the suggestions from our friends at Great Southern Treasures:

See Visitor Information from the Shire of Jerramungup for accommodation, eating and camping options in Jerramungup and Bremer Bay.

Visitor Information

Jerramungup Community Resource Centre

8 / 10 Tobruk Rd, Jerramungup
Phone (08) 9835 1630



Bremer Bay Community Resource Centre

7 Mary St, Bremer Bay
Phone (08) 9837 4171